State historical-architectural, landscape and natural museum-preserve «Izborsk»

5 October 2018

Dear guests of Izborsk State Museum Reserve, we invite you to visit us on October 5 at 14 p.m. to attend the opening of the exhibition of paintings created by Ludwig Alfredovich Mikstais (1927-2003), that will be held in merchant Belyanin's house (Pechorskaya str., 39).

  Ludwig Alfredovich Mikstais was born on July 9, 1927 in Vysokiy Most Village of Lavrovskaya Volost of Pechory District of the Pskov Region. He grew up surrounded by village life and magnificent Russian forests. After he graduated from school he entered the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics of Pskov Pedagogical University. After studying there for 4 years he started to work as a teacher in village schools. He used to teach drawing, German, technical drawing and history. He also used to give drawing classes at home. He also worked as a topographer, an accountant in Lavrovskiy state farm.

  Already in his youth Ludwig Alfredovich loved drawing. He did not have any special training as an artist, learning all the laws of visual art, subject, composition, colour scheme by himself and finding his own way in conveying the richness and brightness of colours of the surrounding world. The colour scheme the artist was using was built up with several tints of one color, from delicate olive to emerald and deep blue black green. The artist often used rough close texture canvas. He used to paint combining oil and tempera techniques that lent a special soft unevenness to the surface. He liked to cover the paintings with wax.

  Like many amateur artists he was using his intuition searching for his own techniques and means of expression. He had a strong desire to convey all the richness of the “multi-storey” forest kingdom – from the grass to the tops of the trees. In his paintings the artist brings together reality and imagined world. He would watch this or that natural event and contemplate in order to create his own reality upon his canvas. He gave attention to details laying emphasis on something remarkable and unusual: a strange silhouette of a tree, looking like a fairytale beast, picturesque outlines of a brushy fir tree, a pine tree widely and powerfully sprawling its branches.

  The paintings of Mikstais are deeply lyrical, allowing us to feel quietness of the forest, hear the voice of the stream, enjoy sunshine, sunrises and sunsets.

  Ludwig Alfredovich Mikstais used to take part in numerous exhibitions of decorative and applied art in Pechory, Pskov as well as in exhibitions of the works of folk artists of Russia in Moscow. His paintings were also exhibited in Germany.

  The exhibition features over 20 artistic works. All of them are landscape paintings and are dedicated to the forest, conveying the love of the artist for nature and his motherland.

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