State historical-architectural, landscape and natural museum-preserve «Izborsk»

The museum offers 8 excursions in Izborsk and its vicinities, which enable you to get acquainted with the history of this place — one of the most ancient towns in Russia, with its outstanding monuments of defense and church architecture, the unique glacial valley, with the culture and life of the Setu people. The excursions can last from 1 to 3 hours (one hour equals 45 minutes).

1. «Izborsk — an ancient Russian town, an advanced post of the North-West of Russia»

You will learn about the history of one of the most ancient towns in Russia from the foundation of the first settlement in the VII-th century AD by the Slavonic krivitchi people to the epoch of the Middle Ages, when Izborsk was actively participating in the life of Pskov Feudal republic. You will visit the legendary Slavonic springs — the most frequently visited place of the Izborsk-Malskaya valley and one of the most outstanding XIV-th century fortresses in Russia — Izborsk fortress. The excursion is 3 hours long.

2. «The site of the ancient settlement»

You will get acquainted with early Izborsk — a typical town of Ancient Rus, while visiting the site of the ancient settlement, which has been almost completely studied by archaeologists. The guide will tell you what it looked like, how and when it was fortified, how people lived, about their economic activities, the social and ethnic structure. The excursion is 1 hour long.

3. «The fortress on Zheravia (Crane’s) hill»

The fortress on the Zheravia (Crane’s) hill, which foundation was laid in the XIV-th century by Pskov posadnik (governor) Sheloga, is one of the most ancient fortresses in Russia, illustrating an important period in the development of fortress architecture. The guide will tell you about the role of Izborsk in defending the North-Western borders of Russian state, about the events which took place by the walls of the fortress, about the mysteries and legends of this place. The excursion is 1,5 hours long.

4. «The life and culture of Setu people»

The only museum-estate in Russia of the Setu people is located in the village of Sigovo, Pechory district. The museum is located in an authentic estate, built at the beginning of the XX-th century. The hostess will get you acquainted with the history and life of many generations of Setu people, will show you their household utensils, work tools and needlework. The most interesting of the museum pieces are: a big weaving loom, a flax brake, which was operated with the help of horses, women’s costumes, «icon towels», a wooden statue of a pagan god Peko. The duration of the excursion is 1 hour.

5. «The history of Pechory fortress»

The best tourist attraction of the town of Pechory is Pskov Assumption orthodox monastery and the fortress, which surrounds it. You will hear about the foundation of the monastery, the construction of the fortress in the XVI-th century and its military history. The excursion is 2 hours long.

6. «The history and the today’s life of Malskoy monastery»

The history of the Russian Orthodox church and the history of monastic life in Russia are closely connected with Pskov land. Such famous Russian monasteries as Mirozhskiy, Snetogorskiy, Spaso-Eliazarovskiy, Pskov-Pechorskiy and several others are located here. A small Malskoy monastery is located in close vicinity of Izborsk in the picturesque Izborsk-Malskaya valley. During the excursion you will hear about the development of church architecture in Pskov land, the monastic life here and the role of local monks in the history of Orthodoxy in Russia, the past and the present of Malskoy monastery. The excursion is 3 hours long.

7. The historical-nature route «Izborsk-Malskaya valley — a unique natural monument» (The «health path»)

The nature of Izborsk’s vicinities is unique for the North-West of Russia. Here in the relatively small area one can see various nature, geological, geomorphological, botanical, landscape objects, typical and untypical for North-Western Russia. You will see the most interesting sights of the Izborsk-Malskaya valley — the Snakes ravine, the Dry bog, the Watermill’s stream, the tuff’s deposit, the «boiling» spring and others. This excursion is possible to be organized in spring and summer. Don’t forget your comfortable shoes and clothes, since you will be walking 3 kilometers. The excursion is 3 hours long.

8. «Orthodox sacred places and objects of worship in Izborsk»

Izborsk remembers the examples of fighting courage and ascetic deeds. There are numerous churches, chapels, stone crosses in Izborsk, closely connected with the history of this place. There are many springs in Izborsk and its vicinities which are considered to be holy and healing. You will learn why in chronicles Izborsk used to be called «The home of St. Nickolas», will hear legends about Virgin Mary — the Heavenly patroness of this place and those who are strong in spirit will be able to plunge in the waters of the holy Virgin Mary’s spring. The excursion is 3 hours long.

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